Scroll Of Wisdom (SOW)


Scroll of Wisdom is the core token for EFT Technologies’ soon to be released “Eternal - Fighters of Legend” play-to-earn game. The token will be used in the game as a reward token and for creating new character NFTs.

Earning SOW

Scroll of Wisdom tokens will be earned in game through player vs. player battles. Players will be matched with other plays based on skill and their win loss ratios to help create a fairer earning ability. We will also host tournaments for people to earn bigger prizes of SOW as well.

Minting New Fighters

Players will use Scroll of Wisdom tokens to train two existing characters together to pass on their genetic traits and mint a new character NFT which can be used for battles. Each character NFT has a max amount of 7 times they can train to mint a new character, and each time the game will require more SOW tokens to be able to use that character to create a new one.


We will open two types of staking pools for SOW. Holders of SOW tokens will be able to stake their tokens to earn more SOW tokens and to be able to earn EFT Technologies’ core reflection token called EFT. This token offers an additional 15% bnb pegged eth rewards to the holder based off the trading volume of the token.

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