Eternal Fighters NFTs

The Fighters NFT's offer incredibly unique features and functionaliy to our first core utility in the EternalFlow Protocol. Each Eternal Fighter in the Genesis block (50k) is procedurely generated to create a one of a kind Fighter of Legend. The Eternal Fighters are assigned core attributes, much like DNA sequencing, which also includes 2 sets of recessive genes. These genetic traits are then utilized for the creation of a completely new and unique Eternal Fighter. This occurs after you have selected 2 of your existing Eternal Fighters to train for a new Eternal Fighter.

Additional features that are available and contained within each Eternal Fighters NFT included the ability to change the name of your Eternal Fighter. Upon creation, the Eternal Fighter is assigned the name "Unknown Fighter of Legend". Connecting to the Fighters of Legend Dashboard will provide you with an option to edit the name. This edit will be stored on the blockchain (gas fees apply) and will remain until it is changed. Other features such as, level attained and lineage are also stored in the metadata of your Eternal Fighter, adding additional value to your clan.

Each Fighter is also assigned 4 Battle Cards when they are created. Read ahead to the next section to learn more about the cards and how they are used.

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