Eternal Fighters Battle Cards

Connecting your wallet to the Fighters of Legend Dashboard will also display your Eternal Fighters assigned Battle Cards. These cards are given a Tier Rating. The ratings are S, A, B, C, D, E, and F. S Tier cards are the strongest cards and are also the most rare. While F Tier cards represent the weakest cards and are more common.
- Battle Cards Rules -You will need 3 Fighters to go into battle. Each Fighter will have 4 ability/component cards (helmet/hair, mouth/mask, armor/outfit, and weapon) that will make up a players battle deck. You can check your battle cards by connecting your wallet to the Fighters of Legend Dashboard.
Fighters of Legend Battle Card Sample
Example Above:
ENE(10) = 1 Energy /
ATK (60) = 60 Attack /
DEF (90) = 90 Defense
- Each ability card will be duplicated and added to a players battle deck. Players will also receive 2 random ability cards to use during battle for a total of 26 cards (24 character cards + 2 random cards).
- Players begin battle by randomly receiving 5 cards from their battle deck. A player will always have 5 cards present to them at the beginning of each turn.
- Players will begin the battle with 5 Energy and will begin each subsequent round with 3 Energy. If you do not use all of your Energy in each round, it will be carried over to the next round.
- Each ability card requires a certain amount of energy to be played. A player can use multiple cards per turn as long as they have enough energy to do so.
- A single card type can only be played once every 5 cards. For example, if you use Soak Path, you will need to play four different card types before soak path can be used again.
- Cards will be selected from a players hand and deployed at the beginning of each turn.
- Ability cards must be executed by the character they belong to, with random cards being executable by any character in your party.
- Cards can be stacked together for higher damage, more effects, and higher shield bonuses.
- Shield bonuses are applied after a card is played Energy.
- You are given energy at the beginning of each battle. Energy is used to activate your ability cards.
- Some cards require more energy than others.
- Some cards give you the ability to gain or steal energy from an opponent.