EternalFlow (EFT)
Delivering next-level Reflections with an EternalFlow to your wallet.
EternalFlow Protocol aims to solve the problems of prior cryptocurrencies by initially enhancing the experience with 15% Binance pegged Ethereum dividends that are more than double the industry standard.
With the launch of our first game, Fighters of Legend, the value of holding the EFT core token will be even more apparent. Revenues generated through the NFT marketplace will be utilized to issue EFT buybacks, staking, burns, and the development of additional game titles. As game revenues increase, the volume and frequency of EFT buybacks will also increase. Holder of the core EFT token will essentially be earning dividends from the game, as well as normal trading volumes.
The Fighters of Legend NFT P2E will also utilize its own game specific token system (CHI and SOW) that increases the opportunity to earn even more. Future enhancements will include NFT lending, leasing, tournaments, and more.
While the EternalFlow project has delivered a custom reflections dashboard that allows holders to view their reflections over periods of time, an additional utility in which holders will be able to select different dividends through the EternalFlow Reflection Swap tool will be launched later this year.
This proprietary tool will enable a holder to select a different dividends at will, without the need for launching additional tokens for other rewards, and increasing the opportunity for future partnerships with other token ecosystems.
When combined, the combination of these tokenomics will not only create an industry standard in dividends but will also shape the NFT lending space for the foreseeable future.
— From the EternalFlow
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